Teenager don’t want newspaper anymore

By: Wawan

It was last year, when I was had lunch in one of McDonalds in Jakarta, I saw a bunch of teenagers from a high school had their lunch too. But it came to my attention that none of them were reading printed neither a newspaper nor a magazine, even a teenage magazine.

Young people having laptop on the move. Source: Flickr/Ed Yourdon


What they have in common is a laptop, a MP3 player and a smart phone. While they’re having their lunch they keep watching their laptop screen and sometimes their smartphones.

Then how they consume news or information? Is it too expensive to buy a newspaper?

Online is cheaper

Then I remember that my company sells a newspaper for only USD 20 cents and other teenager magazine cost only USD 3 at the most. Is it expensive for them?

On the other hand, internet connection is getting faster, cheaper and easy to get. An USD 300 laptop is become popular as well as a China-made USD 99 QWERTY smart phone.

Content is the King

The opportunities to grab wider audiences are there. The advertiser is targeting young people. But the way they consuming information has change. So the media companies also have to change.

Then the challenge is how to make interesting contents for online readers. An unlimited space and multimedia content are advantages from printed media. Audio and Video on Demand also advantages compare to TV and Radio.

I believe this online media will survive as long as the content is right. So for media companies, now is the point of no return.


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